「Medal of Honor: Warfighter」のα段階の映像がリーク、装備などの詳細が明らかに?

もう見ることはできませんが、「Medal of Honor: Warfighter」のα段階の映像がリークされています。

ソース:Leaked Medal of Honor: Warfighter alpha footage shows x-ray vision • News • Eurogamer.net

実際に見ていないのでなんとも言えませんが、マルチプレイで選択できるクラスのひとつ、Spec Opsの装備として壁越しに敵の姿を覗き見るX-ray Visionの姿も確認できたとのことです。

Character classes:
US Navy Seal Sniper
Class Ability: Recon Stance -> supports sniper on surface (like bipod)
Grenade Type: Proximity Mine
Weapon Class: Sniper Rifle (Default = TAC 300)
Support Actions: Switchblade - Smoke Screen, 81mm Mortar - Fire Team Replenish, ?? - ?? 
Polish GROM Assaulter
Class Ability : Grenade Launcher
Grenade Type: Frag
Weapon Class: Assault Rifle (Default = HK416)
Support Actions: Cluster Bomb - RQ-7 Shadow, 60mm Mortar - Smoke Screen, Guided Missile - Fire Team Replenish 
SFODD Demolitons
Class Ability: Tank Stance -> Heavy Armor, Slower Movement
Grenade Type: Remote Charge
Weapon Class: Shotgun (Default = AA12)
Support Actions: M32 - Smoke Screen, SMAW - ??, ?? - ?? 
Canadian JTF2 Heavy Gunner
Class Ability : Support Stance -> Bipod
Grenade Type: Mini Frags
Weapon Class: Might Machine Gun (Default = M249)
Support Actions: Blackhawk Transport - Smoke Screen, Mk19 - Fire Team Replenish, MH-60L DAP Blackhawk - RQ-7 Shadow 
Australian SRS Point Man
Class Ability : Heavy Hitters -> more damage and recoil
Grenade Type: Flashbang
Weapon Class: Assault Rifle (Default = F88)
Support Actions: RQ-11 Raven - Smoke Screen, Airbust Mortar - Fire Team Replenish, AH-61 Little Bird - RQ-7 Shadow 
USOG Spec Ops
Class Ability : Heat Vision -> see enemies through walls
Grenade Type: Frag
Weapon Class: Sub Machine Gun (Default = MP7)
Support Actions: Dragon Fire - Fire Team Replenish, A10 Warthog - R/Q Shadow, Radar Jammer - Smoke Screen